Silver-Laced Bacteria Big Pharma's New Wonder Drug?

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Several years ago I wrote an article titled "New Silver-Based Franken-Drug v/s Safe, Natural Colloidal Silver."

In that article I described a new "drug" under development by British scientists working in tandem with the big pharmaceutical companies Janssen and Johnson & Johnson.

The new "drug" was basically composed of harmless intestinal bacteria that were purposely impregnated with tiny silver nanoparticles.

The British researchers claimed their initial results demonstrated that the new "drug," when used internally, could wipe out food poisoning viruses such as the dreaded norovirus, and when used as a nasal spray could perhaps even kill cold and flu viruses as well.

Ridiculous "Novel" Drugs

Naturally, in my previous article I commented that the whole idea of ingesting or inhaling dead bacteria laced with silver particles was utterly ridiculous. After all, safe, natural colloidal silver could have been used alone to achieve the same infection-fighting purpose. There's no need whatsoever to attach the silver particles to dead bacteria.

But colloidal silver cannot be patented and monopolized as a "drug." So Big Pharma realized they need to create something "novel," meaning something brand new and out-of-the-ordinary that they can patent and thereby monopolize its sales.

Hence, their need to do astonishingly ridiculous things like combine bacteria with silver nanoparticles in order to create a "novel" treatment that can be patented as a "drug" and sold for huge profits.

Fast-Forward to Today:
Bacteria/Silver Chicken Feed

Now, in an article titled "Can Ancient Bacteria and Silver Protect Poultry?" we find that Russian researchers are continuing this new line of "drug" development.

According to the article, an ancient bacteria called Bacullius F has been discovered in the Siberian permafrost.

Scientists believe the Bacullius F bacteria is some 3.5 million years old, and has been "hibernating" so to speak under the cold Siberian permafrost before being discovered by scientists.

And what are they doing with this ancient bacteria? According to the article:

"In testing, Bacullius F is being combined with colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in liquid) and put on chicken feed with the hope of reducing the amount of antibiotics currently fed to poultry."

Umm. Yummy, huh? More bacteria-laced silver. And this time it's going into chicken feed. The article goes on to state:

"Tests on laboratory mice and preliminary tests on chickens look promising, says Andrei Subbotin, leading researcher for Tyumen Scientific Center…He says that the drug will be tested in a large-scale study at several poultry farms by the Ural Federal Districts of Russia in the coming years.

So far, tests show that the injection of Bacillius F and silver has spurred weight gain and raised the ability of trial animals to fend off pathogens such as salmonella or MRSA.

Commenting on the ongoing tests, a project representative stated: 'We expect a decrease of antibiotics use in poultry by 30-40% compared to the current amount. This will be a substantial contribution to the fight of modern medicine against growing microbial resistance.'"

Isn't that fascinating?

Rather than simply adding plain old colloidal silver to the chicken feed, the researchers are now adding bacteria laced with silver to the chicken feed. That way, they can claim it's a "novel drug," patent it, and monopolize its sale as a new "veterinary drug."

Why They Need this New "Drug"

Why do they need a new "drug" to feed to farm animals?

Because the big pharmaceutical companies have been under fire worldwide for the astonishingly huge amount of antibiotic drugs being fed to farm animals such as chickens, pigs, cows and others.

Indeed, some 80% of total annual antibiotic drug production goes to farm animal usage, and not human usage.

That's some 13 million tons of antibiotic drugs per year in the U.S. alone, and tens of millions of tons more worldwide – more than four times the amount of antibiotic drugs prescribed for human use each year!

Here's the mind-blowing thing about it:

These antibiotic drugs are not being fed to the farm animals to help prevent infection.

Instead, the antibiotic drugs are being fed to the farm animals because they trigger massive weight gain in very short periods of time, allowing farmers to get the meat to market faster and make more money.

The problem, however, is that the astonishingly huge amounts of antibiotic drugs being fed to farm animals to fatten them up is causing drug-resistant pathogens to develop – yes, the same drug-resistant superbugs you read about all of the time, and that sources like the World Health Organization claim are going to cause an apocalypse of antibiotic-resistant infections.

You see, as I pointed out in a previous article titled "Colloidal Silver and the Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Swindle," these antibiotic drugs are then passed on to each and every one of us in very small amounts every time we eat meat – which for most of us is every single day.

In that article, I explained:

"As a result, these constant low levels of antibiotic drugs we unwittingly ingest each day begin to kill off the weak bacteria in our bodies on a regular basis, leaving only the strongest bacteria to survive.

Over time, these strong bacteria become resistant to antibiotics altogether. So when we ultimately come down with an infection, and are given antibiotic drugs to combat it, the drugs don't work.

Not only that, but the low-dose antibiotics we're ingesting through our breakfast, lunch and dinner meats slowly kill off the good bacteria (i.e., probiotics) our digestion depends upon, leaving a huge void for the antibiotic-resistant pathogens to step in and fill, which of course, they do."

So there you have it.

Researchers around the world are scrambling to find a way to stop giving so much antibiotic drugs to farm animals, because they know those antibiotic drugs are the cause of the plague of antibiotic-resistant superbugs now sweeping the world and actually threatening humanity.

The Utter Hypocrisy of It All

Of course, farmers could just add colloidal silver to the feed of farm animals, instead of antibiotic drugs.

After all, numerous clinical studies now demonstrate that colloidal silver quite easily vanquishes drug-resistant superbugs (see "Colloidal Silver Vanquishes Drug-Resistant Superbugs" at this link.)

Indeed, one clinical study demonstrated that colloidal silver kills 49 different strains of antibiotic-resistant superbugs with ease, including:

  • Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium
  • Methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus
  • Multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Multidrug-resistant Vibrio sp,
  • Drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia
  • Drug-resistant Escherichia coli
  • Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacterbaumannii
  • And 42 others

(See the above-mentioned study, here.)

So there's absolutely no need whatsoever to impregnate bacteria with silver particles, and then add the silver-impregnated bacteria to the farm animal feed. Safe, natural colloidal silver could be used by itself, and do the job handily.

But researchers know that colloidal silver by itself cannot be patented and monopolized as a "drug," because it's completely natural and has been around for over 100 years – even before the advent of prescription antibiotic drugs.

So instead of simply adding colloidal silver to farm animal feed, researchers are now working to find a way to make a "novel" form of silver they can patent and monopolize as a "drug" specifically for use in farm animal feed.

And impregnating some weird ancient bacteria from the Russian permafrost with silver nanoparticles is apparently their plan.

To add to the utter hypocrisy of the whole issue, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration won't allow American farmers to simply add colloidal silver to their farm animal feed in place of antibiotic drugs (see the article "FDA Warns Against the Use of Colloidal Silver for Farm Animals").

And why? Because they claim it's a "potentially serious public health concern because of the possibility of [silver] residues in milk or meat."

Ridiculous, right?

Farmers can't add colloidal silver to their animal feed in place of antibiotic drugs because it might leave silver residues in the milk or meat. But if Big Pharma comes out with a new silver-based "drug" to feed to farm animals in place of antibiotic drugs, that's apparently perfectly okay.

The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. And I won't even go into the potential ramifications of feeding farm animals dead bacteria that contain numerous toxins – especially some strange bacteria that's supposedly 3.5 million years old and was found hibernating in the Siberian permafrost!

Steve Barwick
Steve Barwick


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