Silver Heals Liver Damage, Say Researchers

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We all know about the dramatic infection-fighting properties of colloidal silver.

We also know that silver helps heal burns as well as wounds and has been used in hospitals for decades for exactly that purpose.

Even topical damage to the skin like Poison Ivy, shingles outbreaks, and more are healed or mitigated by silver.

What many people don't know about, however, are some of the astonishing antioxidant qualities and related healing benefits silver has to offer. For example:

Study: Silver Heals the Liver
From Damage Induced by Toxins

Now, researchers from the Department of Environmental Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University, India, have demonstrated in an animal study that small amounts of silver can help heal the liver damage caused by a particularly harsh liver toxin.

Basically, the study says that when researchers used a very toxic solvent known as CC1(4) to damage the livers of mice, and then gave the mice silver nanoparticles, the silver cured the mice of the vast majority of the liver damage caused by the toxic solvent.

The clinical researchers claimed in their study that at low doses, the silver "was effective in revival of all biological parameters to near normal in all intoxicated groups indicating the curing effects on CC1(4)-induced liver injury."

What's more, the researchers attribute the amazing healing of the damaged mice livers to silver's "strong antioxidant effect."

I looked up the liver toxin known as "CC1(4)" in an online medical dictionary. It said this substance " is particularly toxic to the kidneys and liver; permanent damage to these organs may result from exposure."

So, this study clearly demonstrates another astonishing, but little-known healing benefit of silver.

The researchers were so enthused by their discovery they even called silver "hepato-curative," meaning they feel it cured the liver damage induced by the toxic solvent.

This study, of course, would appear to pretty much put the lie to the charge that silver damages liver function – a charge often found on orthodox medical websites in articles attempting to scare people away from colloidal silver usage.

Preliminary Results

This study should bring much hope to those suffering from liver damage induced by toxicity. Please keep in mind, of course, that the study results are preliminary, and need to be backed up by other studies.

Also keep in mind that this was an animal study, and not a human study. Human studies would need to be conducted to confirm the same benefits in human subjects.

Finally, keep in mind that this study does not mean you can do things to damage your liver, such as take toxic drugs or indulge in excessive drinking and smoking, eat bad foods, etc., and expect silver to heal the damage being caused to the liver on an ongoing basis.

And perhaps most importantly, please keep firmly in mind that very small doses of silver were used on the mice in this study. Why is that so important?

It's important because overly-large dosages of colloidal silver, taken on a regular basis, for long periods of time, can actually put more stress on a damaged liver or damaged kidneys, since those are the main organs through which silver is processed and eliminated from the human body.

So, theoretically speaking, overly-large ongoing dosages of colloidal silver could have the opposite effect of what researchers found in the study.

After all, there's no substance on the face of the earth, no matter how healing it might be in small, common-sense dosages, that's completely safe to use on a regular ongoing basis at overly-high levels.

This is one reason why I always advocate for the safe, sane and responsible usage of colloidal silver.

Steve Barwick
Steve Barwick


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