The Clear Evidence that Silver Aids the Body in Many Vital Functions

Silver receptors have recently been discovered on human nervous tissues -- indicating that, far from being a health threat, silver is actually an essential part of human nervous system function. Perhaps this is why people report feeling significantly better, mentally and physically, after only a few days of colloidal silver usage.

Silver also performs other vital functions in the human body, including stimulating the body's all-important lymphatic system. According to Dr. Stephen West, DL, PMD, son of Dr. C. Samuel West, DN, ND, renowned chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist:

Silver ions stimulate the lymphatic system by cleaning out the dead cells and bringing oxygen to the healthy cells.”

You see, like iron, silver has the capacity to carry nascent oxygen to throughout the human body. As revealed in chapter 10 of the Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual:

"Not only do silver ions have proven antimicrobial properties to fight the fungi and bacteria growth in the lymph fluid, silver ions also carry nascent oxygen on their surface. When the silver attacks a microorganism, this oxygen is released. This can aid the RES lymphatic system in two ways; 1) extra oxygen helps restore the natural pH of the lymph fluid and 2) oxygen helps oxidize toxic waste. Any leftover oxygen would eventually be picked up by the hemoglobin in red blood cells and thus becomes available for other oxygen dependent needs in the body such as cellular respiration."

Far From Harming Human Cells, Silver Helps Produce Them!

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual goes on to document, through medical study after medical study, that far from harming cells or tissues, silver has long been known to aid the human body in the production of our crucial white and red blood cells.

Here's another eye-opening quote from the manual:

"Silver’s ability to aid the immune system has been well documented for more than 100 years. For example, in 1909, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that electrically generated silver ions increased white blood cell production. As we noted earlier in our overview of the human immune system, white blood cells are critical factors in human immunity, aiding the body in the destruction of cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and other invaders.

"In 1939, researchers Hill and Pillsbury made similar findings, demonstrating an increase in white blood cells after silver usage. [See: Hill, WR, D Pillsbury, Argyria: The Pharmacology of Silver, The Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, 1939; p. 48.]

"And over fifty years later, researchers Remes and Williams found that silver ions appear to “prime” white blood cells to go on the offense against a variety of biological insults. [See Remes, A, Williams, DF, “Neutrophil Polarization and Immunoelectrophoresis Assays in the Study of Complement Activation by Biomaterials,” Biomaterials, Aug 1991; 12(6):607-13.]

"In 1919 Dr. H. Bechold, writing in “Colloids in Biology and Medicine,” cited evidence that silver ions increased both red and white blood cell counts.

While white blood cells are the defenders of the body, red blood cells carry life-giving oxygen to all tissues and organs. So silver apparently aids in both immune defense and in the support of life itself, by boosting both our body’s red and white blood cells counts.

"In their study Argyria - The Pharmacology of Silver (Williams & Wilkins, 1939), researchers W. Hill & D. Pillsbury reported that 16 rabbits were injected with silver of arsphenamine at intervals from three to seven days. (The silver content of the drug was 14.5%.) A majority of the rabbits showed a gradual increase in oxygen-carrying hemoglobin and red blood cells during the experiment.

"In more recent studies, such as Treatment of Orthopedic Infections with Electrically Generated Silver Ions by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., it is reported that silver ions give a healthy boost to human blood cell production. This may be related to the fact that silver is a “transitional element” giving it the ability to form complex ions. This attribute gives silver the potential to interact on a cellular level in the same way as other complex ions such as vitamin B-12, chlorophyll, and heme (iron), a component of red blood cells.

"More recently, researchers Berger, Marino and Spadaro confirmed that electrically generated silver ions boost human blood cell production.

"These findings lead to the obvious conclusion that while low white blood cell counts open the door to serious immune system risks, and low red blood cells lead to oxygen starvation of the body’s tissues and organs, electrically generated silver ions may help successfully counter these risks by stimulating both white and red blood cell production."


 The Bottom Line...

As you can see, far from harming the human body, silver is widely known to aid many important biological functions. The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual goes on to document that silver:

  • · Stimulate white blood cell production, thus boosting the body’s ability to attack cancers and pathogenic microorganisms.
  • · “Prime” white blood cells to go on the offensive against harmful foreign invaders.
  • · Stimulate red blood cell production, thus boosting life-giving oxygenation of the body’s cells, tissues and organs.
  • · Stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, also known as RES, which allows the body to purge itself of harmful wastes and toxins.
  • · Stimulate the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species), thus helping the body rid itself of toxins and foreign invaders through oxidation.

Quench Free Radical Activity in Brain Cells

What's more, on page 235 of the Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, a brand new medical study is revealed that demonstrates silver's incredible ability to quench free radical activity in brain cells. In other words, once again, far from harming human cells, it actually protects them from harm.

As respected drug and nutritional supplement formulator George Foss stated regarding this eye-opening new study:

"It certainly could have tremendous benefits for victims of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. But keep in mind that if colloidal silver quenches free radical activity in brain cells, as this new study appears to demonstrate, then it would likely do so in other cells in other parts of the body as well. So this newly published research actually has tremendous beneficial ramifications for all of us."


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