Colloidal Silver for the Production of Red and White Blood Cells

Colloidal silver became controversial since the day it was discovered as a treatment for many diseases and ailments. Some scientists accused silver as harmful to human cells but provided no evidence that could prove their claims are true. In fact, colloidal silver was studied more and more until today and found out that it is far from harming human cells. It even produces new healthy blood cells like the red and white blood cells and helps boosting up the immune system of our body. This was studied a hundred years ago.

It was proven that colloidal silver helps the body fights against bacterial infections such as flu, strep throat and fungal infections. It stops the rapid mutation of germs and kills them from its damaging effects. Unlike other antibiotics, colloidal silver does not harm nor kill the good bacteria of the body’s intestine.

White blood cells are important in fighting bacteria, virus, cancer cells, and other invaders. In 1919, a test was conducted and discovered that colloidal silver increases the number of red blood cells and white blood cells. Like white blood cells, red blood cells play an important role which is carrying oxygen to all our tissues and organs. This means that colloidal silver does not only boost up our immune system but also it supports life itself.

Researchers made an experiment using 16 rabbits that are injected with silver of arsphenamine within three to seven days. Majority of the rabbits’ red blood cells gradually increased together with their oxygen carrying hemoglobin.

In 1993, colloidal silver was also discovered to fight against viral organisms like herpes and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). By tying up the colloidal silver with oxygen, it will have the potential to electrocute the germ and destroy it.

A study was made where 9 individuals suffering from HIV and facing critical condition were divided in to two groups. The first group is composed of individuals having Candida infection and HIV and the rest from the other group suffered HIV and Wasting Syndrome (extreme form of malnutrition). Researchers discovered that the colloidal silver given to both groups killed pathogens and purged the bloodstream of germ defenses as a way of restoring immune system.

More studies have shown colloidal silver has the ability to form complex ions by interacting on the cellular level like what complex ions such as Vitamin B-12 and iron do as components of red blood cells.

Colloidal silver was also discovered as a stimulant for the production of reticulo-endothelial system or RES to flush away harmful wastes and toxins inside our body and reactive oxygen species or ROS in assisting the body to eliminate toxins and harmful wastes through the process of oxidation.

Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin


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