Heal Infected Boils With Colloidal Silver and Clay

Here's a new video on how to use colloidal silver and a clay poultice to heal infected boils quickly and easily, and in many cases avoid painful surgical lancing in the process…

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This simple trick for healing infected boils with colloidal silver and a clay poultice is extremely effective.

It entails mixing colloidal silver with a little bit of Bentonite clay (available in most health food stores, or online), in order to make an antimicrobial poultice to place over the boil.

As you'll learn in the video, the Bentonite clay gently draws the infected material (pus) from the boil, while the colloidal silver you've mixed with the clay kills the staph and other bacteria present, in order to heal the infection.

Just watch the 3-minute video at this link to learn more.

Much to the chagrin of my doctor, I was able to avoid a painful lancing of an infected boil by using this very simple and effective method.

If you prefer reading, at this link you can read my article, Colloidal Silver and the Demon Boil from Hell, explaining how I used colloidal silver and a clay poultice to heal my own infected boil.

And at this link you can read my article on healing infected boils in inconvenient places (such as under your armpit or near your private parts) with colloidal silver and Tea Tree oil.


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