Colloidal Silver Beats MRSA – Here’s the Proof!

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According to news reports, antimicrobial silver has been shown to cure a confirmed MRSA infection in an Albany, Georgia man whose doctor had ordered immediate surgery to remove his infected tissues. As you’ll see in the story below, the emergency surgery never had to take place, thanks to the infection-fighting power of silver.

What’s more, in Corby, Britain, an 82-year old man who contracted a serious case of MRSA after a hospital operation, and could not be cured by the hospital doctors, did his own research and began pouring colloidal silver directly onto the infected surgical wound daily. His cure astonished his doctors.

Here are the details on both news stories:

  • Albany, Georgia Man Cures His Own MRSA Infection With Silver – According to WALB News 10 in Georgia, an Albany, GA man has cured his own MRSA infection with silver. It was in October that Bryan Spell and his wife Ruth of Albany, GA were on their way out of town when he noticed a bump on his neck, next to a shaving nick. Within a few days is swelled so badly it was nearly choking off his breathing.

Lab results confirmed the skin infection was being caused by MRSA. Spell’s doctor ordered immediate surgery to remove the infected tissue before the infection could become blood borne and present a threat to his life.

But Spell had heard of a special medical patch that released tiny silver ions into infected wounds, and asked his doctor if he could try that first. His doctor agreed and Spell had the patch applied. Within three days his MRSA infection was completely cured.

  • 82-Year Old British Man Cures His MRSA Infection With Colloidal Silver – According to the Evening Telegraph , one of Britain’s most respected newspapers, an 82-year old British man named David Sharman contracted an extremely tough MRSA infection directly after a hospital surgery. The hospital doctors apparently could not stop the stubborn infection.

Says Sharman, “I was determined to help myself and began using colloidal silver directly on my wound daily.” After effecting his own cure, Mr. Sharman told the Evening Telegraph , “Getting MRSA doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. I could feel myself slowly getting better, and the day I got the all-clear was an extremely happy day for my whole family.”

Dr. Richard Slack, a microbiologist who works in infection control, was contacted by the Evening Telegraph for an opinion on the case. He stated “ The silver is quite a good antibiotic used in burn units because it does kill MRSA and other bacteria that cause wound infections .”

Even More Proof!

As you might be aware, when the FDA ruled in June of 1999 that you can no longer make label claims or advertising claims for the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, they took great pains to state that their ruling applied to internal as well as external use of colloidal silver products.

Yet in recent years we’ve seen the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) granting manufacturers of liquid colloidal silver products the right to state that their products, which are marketed for external “surface disinfection” use only, have the ability to kill MRSA as well as other deadly super pathogens, and can do so in only moments! Here are the details on one such product:

  • EPA Forced to Admit Silver Kills MRSA and Other Deadly Pathogens – In another stunning development, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was forced to admit that a patented liquid silver solution called Axen30TM when used as a surface disinfectant had the ability to kill multiple strains of MRSA.

It was also shown to kill deadly pathogens such as Avian Influenza A (Bird Flu), Human Corona virus (SARS), Feline Calicivirus (Norovirus), Rotavirus, Campylobacter jjejuni and Acinetobacter baumannii.

Their product, which underwent extensive clinical testing, is now used as a first-line disinfectant on cruise liners, in order to prevent serious outbreaks of infection among the passengers and crews.

What’s more, after viewing the clinical study results which were apparently submitted by the manufacturer, the EPA allowed the makers of Axen30TM silver solution to use a two-minute kill claim for MRSA, and a three-minute kill claim for Human Coronavirus and Rotavirus on their label.

This means the EPA recognizes the fact that the electrically generated liquid colloidal silver substance was clinically proven to kill these deadly pathogens within just two to three minutes of contact!

And Here’s Even More Proof Silver Kills MRSA!

The BBC News has reported that hospital workers in Britain and Austria are hoping that a special dressing impregnated with silver will prove to be the best weapon yet in the fight against MRSA.

That’s because, for more than a year Professor Robert Strohal, associate professor of dermatology at the Federal Academic Hospital in Feldkirch, studied the effectiveness of a silver-impregnated dressing, called Acticoat, which works by releasing silver ions into MRSA infected wounds for up to seven days, ridding the patient of the infection.

Professor Strohal found that as soon as he covered the infected wound with the silver-laced dressing, they became 95% non-infectious, meaning the infectious microbes were unable to spread to other hospital patients, doctors or nurses.

He was later quoted by BBC News as saying: 

“I was shocked by the results. I never expected them to be that effective…The dressing does not allow the infection to escape, which means any nurses and doctors that come into contact with the patient do not then get the bug and pass it on to other patients…This could have a dramatic effect if it is adopted as standard practice in countries like the UK and US where MRSA is a real problem.”

MRSA v/s “Killer Silver Pajamas”?

Since that time, hospitals in Britain have been testing pajamas and bed linen made of a special fabric that is impregnated with silver, as a means of stopping the spread of MRSA dead in its tracks.

The specially created fabrics are being tested at the Lister Hospital in the city of Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, England. Says Dr. Peter Wilson, a consulting microbiologist:   

“A successful trial would transform the way we tackle certain infections, particularly MRSA…Silver is known to be a very efficient agent against infection and also very safe. These trials will mean we can prove its effectiveness.”

Hospitals to Use a $250,000 “Silver Bullet Machine”

According to another British newspaper, The Sun , a $250,000 machine has been developed to spray a special aerosol silver mist throughout British hospitals, in order to stop the spread of the deadly MRSA super pathogens. The newspaper reveals:

“Experts have long known silver is deadly to the superbug and is highly toxic to some other bacteria as well.

It is already used in plasters and hospital dressings. But now medics from Leicester University have created a generator that divides pieces of silver into billions of tiny particles. It then suspends them in liquid glycerol to be put into aerosols. The particles are small enough to pass inside bacteria but do not kill human cells.

The $250,000 machine’s inventor, Professor Chris Binns, said medical trials will start within the year. He also believes the silver ‘bullets’ produced by his machine could be used to fight HIV.”

Wound Care Company Claims

New Study Shows Silver Beats MRSA

A new study from a wound care company called AcryMed confirms earlier findings that silver is a highly effective antimicrobial against MRSA and may be used topically to prevent the spread of infection.

“The results of our laboratory testing show that the infection fighting properties of silver is quite effective in killing the MRSA strain,” said Bruce Gibbins, founder and CTO of AcryMed.

“Used in medical dressings or in ointment form, silver can be an extremely useful first defense in stopping MRSA before it develops into a systemic infection.

Moreover, due to the nature of antimicrobial silver, it is highly unlikely that MRSA or other developing strains of staph infections will ever build immunities to silver as they have to penicillin and some topical antibiotics.”

According to Gibbins, the use of topical silver antimicrobial products in fighting infections also serves to reduce the overuse of antibiotics. This, in turn, can delay the growing immunity that these bugs are quickly building against penicillin and other commonly used antibiotics.
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