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Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge...

I’m frequently asked whether or not colloidal silver will help with various forms of cancer. 

Here’s a recent example of the type questions I get from readers:

I had colon cancer in 2003, had a total colectomy, radiation, chemo more times than I can remember, a right upper lobe resection because the cancer moved to the lung in 2007 and then removal of what was left of the right upper lobe in 2009 because the cancer came back.

Now I have squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Will colloidal silver work to possibly get rid of the cancer cells?

I started infusing some into the vagina and the small opening where my rectum used to be as I had/have a fistula. I don't believe I will be able to have any more radiation, which I don't want anyway, or any chemo as the last time I had it was in 2008 and had to stop because my blood counts were all off and I had such stomach pains.

Thank you for any advise you can give me. Sorry for this being so long!!

Because I’m a reporter, and not a doctor, I’m not qualified to say “yes” or “no” to the question “Can colloidal silver heal my cancer?” 

Nor am I qualified to prescribe a course of treatment, or make a diagnosis.  All I can do is report on what I’ve learned.   

Over 50 Medical Studies

To that end, it’s important to understand that there are now over 50 medical studies demonstrating silver to be effective against cancer cells (and tumors) -- but they've all been test tube studies, and not studies in humans. 

There are also a few animal studies demonstrating silver to be effective against cancer cells and tumors. 

Additionally, from time-to-time I get testimonials from readers saying they've either cured their cancer, or have gotten their cancer under control (i.e., the cancer is still there, but is no longer spreading) by using colloidal silver.

In some cases, the colloidal silver has been taken alone, orally, and in other cases it’s been taken along with other natural cancer-fighting substances such as Essiac Tea (Flor*Essence brand seems to be a favorite). 

There's an article about using colloidal silver for cancer at the following link, which contains some of these startling testimonials in which the readers explain how they used colloidal silver for cancer and what their results have been:

·      Colloidal Silver and Cancer

There are some other articles here, documenting a small handful of the 50 test tube studies I know of that have demonstrated silver's ability to stop cancer cell growth without harming surrounding healthy cells:

·      Silver Kills Some Cancer Tumors Better Than Chemotherapy, Says British Researchers

·      Silver Nanoparticles Stop Cancer Without Toxic Harm

·      Colloidal Silver Kills Human Breast and Liver Cancer Cells

·      Is Nanosilver the Cure for Neuroblastoma Cancer?

·      Silver Induces Cervical Cancer Cells to Destroy Themselves

·      Study: Silver Nanoparticles Kill Cancer Cells Resistant to Chemotherapy Drugs

None of the studies discussed in these articles prove that colloidal silver can stop cancer in the human body. I have to re-emphasize that they're all lab test tube studies, and not human studies. But they all seem to be indicative of the fact that silver has some profound anti-cancer properties – enough so that’s it’s unimaginable to me why the medical authorities are not yet doing human studies.

New Book Available

There's also a new book titled Colloidal Silver and Cancer: a Surprising Look, which gives a synopsis of 50 of the clinical studies on silver and cancer, and which also contains an entire chapter of testimonials from folks claiming to have gotten their cancers under control by using colloidal silver (sometimes along with other anti-cancer nutritional substances). You can learn more about this new book and its surprising contents, here:

·      Colloidal Silver and Cancer: a Surprising Look

I also have to re-emphasize that I'm not a doctor, and am therefore not qualified to diagnose or prescribe treatment for any medical condition. I'm just a reporter, and all I can do is report on what the medical literature says, what others have told me they've experienced, or what I've experienced or have seen myself. 

I have not personally had an opportunity to use colloidal silver for cancer – on myself or within my family -- so I can't vouch for all of these clinical studies and testimonials on using silver to destroy cancer cells and tumors. All I can do is present them in simple layman’s language that you can take to your specialist for discussion.


It’s absolutely heart-breaking to hear about all of the gut-wrenching problems people have had to go through with various cancers and orthodox cancer treatments – especially when modern medical techniques often seem to cause more problems than they fix.  No human being should have to endure that torture.

But again, that does not mean colloidal silver or any natural anti-cancer treatment regimen will stop cancer for every person who uses it.  It just means there are indeed natural options available, and they appear to have worked for at least some people. 

It’s also important to point out that there’s a LOT of good books on natural treatments for cancer, and you can find almost all of the good ones on Amazon.

So if you’re looking for natural options for cancer, you might want to do a search on Amazon. Just use their search engine to look under their "Books" section for "natural cancer cures." 

You can also do an internet search for “natural cancer cures” and find many other options.  The above-mentioned information resources on silver and cancer will give you a good foundational head start if you’re interested in learning more about silver’s clearly demonstrable anti-cancer properties.

Rabbit Holes you’re searching for information on natural cancer options, always remember that just because something is written down doesn’t make it true. 

In other words, use your discernment when searching the internet or other information sources for natural treatments for cancer.  Always keep in mind that chasing too many rabbits down too many rabbit holes can waste valuable time during which traditional cancer treatments could have been initiated. 

And of course, be sure to discuss with your cancer specialist anything you find and determine to be of potential special interest.

“False Hope”

However, also keep firmly in mind the fact that most new cancer drugs simply don’t work, in terms of providing better health outcomes than the old cancer drugs.  So while you’ll frequently hear that trying natural cancer treatments only provide “false hope,” the truth is, the same can be said of traditional cancer treatments from doctors.  As our good friends at the Alliance for Natural Health recently pointed out:

“Cancer drugs have a greater share of the global market than any other drug category. Of these, chemotherapy drugs contribute more to sales than any other category.

 What’s more, there’s been a greater-than-predicted surge in more targeted drugs that are promoted as being more effective than the older versions they replace.

Assuming these new drugs work, and can be afforded (they are very expensive) and don’t cause more harm than good, all is well.

But that’s where the fairy story falls apart, as revealed in a study by a research team headed by King’s College London scientist Dr Courtney Davis and published in the British Medical Journal on 5 October (2017).

The big take home from this study was that the majority of new cancer drugs being licensed by the European drugs regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), have not been demonstrated to work.

...This discovery, in essence, drives a coach and horses through the entire edifice of drug regulation that we’re told repeatedly exists to ensure that licensed drugs are proven effective. 

Not so, it seems, and this issue isn’t just confined to cancer drugs. Just 11% of treatments (mostly involving drugs) have been proven effective across some 3000 treatments examined by BMJ Clinical Evidence journal.”

In other words, the majority of the newest cancer drugs – the ones that cancer specialists are using right now – are next to worthless. 

As a co-author of the new British Medical Journal study stated:  “It is remarkable that so few cancer drugs enter the European market without any clear data on outcomes that matter to patients and their doctors: longer survival and better quality of life.” 

The study goes on to refer to these new “breakthrough drugs” as providing only “false hope” that they will work better than the older drugs they’re replacing. 

And as medical journalist Jerome Burne points out:

“Ironically, giving ‘false hope’ is one of the most common charges laid against natural and non-drug ways of supporting cancer patients – yet the recent British Medical Journal study found that, of the 68 cancer drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) between 2009 and 2013, 57% were released onto the market without any clear evidence that they improved the quality or length of patients’ lives.”

In other words, the very charge of “giving false hope” that’s so often levied against natural health remedies for cancer is exactly what the new orthodox cancer treatments and cancer drugs do.

No Improvement in America, Either

Are the new cancer drugs being used by American cancer specialists any better than the ones being used throughout Europe? 

According to medical journalist Jerome Burne, in his article about the latest clinical findings titled “Most New Cancer Drugs Won’t Let You Live Longer Or Improve Your Quality Of Life,” the answer is no, they’re not.  He writes:

“The British Medical Journal’s findings only relate to the European regulatory system, however this is far from being a Europe-only issue.

A 2015 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that the American drug regulator – the FDA – was approving new cancer drugs on the basis of surrogate end points just as the EU was 2 years later.

The authors concluded: “most cancer drug approvals have not been shown to, or do not, improve clinically relevant end points.”

Between 2008 and 2012, 38 cancer drugs were licensed, 67% on this basis. A check on survival rates four years later found that five of the drugs had improved life expectancy – but 18 had not.

A deal with American companies whose drugs were nodded through relied on such efficacy trials being undertaken yet, four years later, a third of said companies had made zero effort towards running such tests.

It is clear that the interests of the supposedly most important people in this whole sorry saga – the patients – seem to have been totally ignored.”

In other words, the situation is no better in the United States than it is in Europe. Far more expensive new cancer drugs are being fast-tracked onto the market in order to replace the existing cancer drugs.  But for the most part, cancer survival rates are not improved by these far more expensive new drugs, or are only barely improved.

Is it any wonder people turn to natural remedies when faced with the diagnosis of cancer? 

And with more than 50 preliminary clinical studies (albeit most of them being test tube studies) demonstrating the ability of silver to help stop cancer cells, is it any wonder people are looking into silver as a potential natural remedy, often along with other natural health care remedies?

Steve Barwick
Steve Barwick


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