Colloidal Silver:  Your #1 Best Antidote to Winter Flu Season 

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge...

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released the map below showing how quickly the flu is spreading across the U.S. at the beginning of 2018.  

The bright red, orange and dull brownish areas below are areas of high flu activity.  The yellowish areas have moderate flu activity.  And the green-colored areas of the country have low to minimal flu activity at present.

As you can see, much of the U.S. is suffering from extremely high flu activity.  And of course, the CDC is strongly recommending folks run out and get the flu shot, or take the prescription drug Tamiflu.

Yes, even though this year’s flu shot is said to have only a paltry 10% effectiveness against the flu strain going around, the CDC is still recommending it as a solution.  

And yes, even though it was only last year that the drug Tamiflu was described by a top reviewer of clinical studies as one of the most medically worthless of all drugs, the CDC is still recommending it as well.  

If that’s the best the CDC can recommend, I think they can safely be ignored.  But that’s just my humble opinion.   

Start Taking Colloidal Silver, Instead

If you’re as loathe as I am to use prescription drugs – especially drugs that don’t work as promised -- then you might want to consider a completely natural means of helping your body overcome the flu, or better still, prevent yourself from becoming infected with the flu virus, altogether. 

I’m talking, of course, about colloidal silver – the world’s most powerful natural infection-fighter.

If you’ve never heard about colloidal silver’s infection-fighting properties, here’s what a few readers have said about it.  As Lorraine S. wrote to tell me:

“I’ve not had a cold or flu since I started using colloidal silver, and I've been around so many people who were sick.

What’s more, my gums are no longer sensitive and the dentist was even able to clean my teeth without me peeling myself off the ceiling. I put it down to swishing my mouth with a cap full of colloidal silver every night and swallowing it.

Thank you for continuing to provide information on colloidal silver. I believe it has kept me healthy.”

And as Jacque C. recently wrote to say:

“I went for a checkup at the VA this week and the Doc wanted me to get a flu shot.  I told him I take a flu shot every morning; a one oz. jigger of colloidal silver in my coffee, and I very seldom catch a cold or flu. But back when I took the vaccine I'd be sick as a dog for a couple of weeks afterwards about every time, so I don’t do those anymore.”

Paul H. wrote to tell me how colloidal silver saved her from a “killer flu” that had initially made her wish she was dead.  She stated:  

"I have been using colloidal silver for about 12 years and so far it has never failed me.  I am allergic to antibiotics, so silver has literally saved my life.

About 5 years ago I had this killer flu, which had me throwing up and the runs at the same time every five minutes.  This went on for hours and I was wishing I was dead.  

Then I thought of the colloidal silver and started taking it.  My runs and throwing up periods got further and further apart, going from every five minutes to 20, then 30 and finally it was gone in just six hours. 

My adult daughter had this flu at the same time and she did not take the silver.  It last for 16 hours for her – yes, 16 hours straight of vomiting and diarrhea.  

Sadly, a little boy we knew was only five years old and he died on the way to the hospital in the ambulance from dehydration.  He had this horrible flu and lost lots of liquids from the vomiting and diarrhea.  I wish I had known he was sick so I could have told his folks about the colloidal silver.”  

Marvin K., from Oregon, wrote to say:

“Our family has been using colloidal silver for awhile...about 3 years for myself.

I no longer have continual cold/flu symptoms, but instead am healthier than most of the others at work, even those who I used to notice never get sick!

My wife had pneumonia once, and colloidal silver alone made her well. Another time she had strep throat, and colloidal silver was what took it away.

We no longer use other need. I have been able to help others as well. I use empty sparkling cider bottles (which come with a plastic lid) to store the colloidal silver, so the cost is minimal, since we make our own colloidal silver with the Micro-particle Colloidal Silver Generator.

I very carefully started with low doses and increased to where I now use one gulp once or twice a day.”

Karen M. wrote to say,

“We just bought our second colloidal silver machine.  We gave the first one to daughter. We still can't believe our daughter has not gotten sick once this year after 8 years of being sick every winter, all winter.

She can now play outside in cold weather. She comes and asks for the colloidal silver if she starts feeling sick.     

We use the nasal sprayer for her sinuses and daily give her colloidal silver by mouth. It is amazing. The entire family has been flu free. 

We own a small diner and have people coming and going all day every day. We keep sharing the colloidal silver with all who will take it. We feel blessed to have found your machine.”

And as Nancy S., from Topeka, KS, recently wrote:

“My husband and I drink a shot glass (about 1 oz) of colloidal silver every night before bed. We've been doing this for about 4 years now. Neither one of us has been sick since. And I should mention, we've been around people who were sick and didn't catch anything.”

As Karen H., of Tequesta, FL recently wrote:

“My friend, Ed, had gotten the flu several times in the past, so he knew what the flu felt like and knew the difference between a cold and the flu. He began to experience several flu symptoms and knew he was in for at least 2 weeks of misery.  

So he made up some colloidal silver and drank several ounces every hour, on the hour, all day long. He went to bed that night, and when he woke up the next morning, it was completely gone. Not even a hint of a symptom.  

Now, he said, most people would think he wasn't really coming down with the flu. But his symptoms were headache, body aches, scratchy throat and sinuses, and extreme fatigue. He said the only time he ever felt that way in the past was from the flu.

He is absolutely convinced the silver stopped the flu virus dead in its tracks before it could get a good stronghold in his body. Thanks!” 

And as registered nurse, Sherri, recently wrote me:

“I take 30cc of Colloidal Silver daily. I do not get the flu, or colds. If I do feel that I’m getting congested, I’ll take 60cc Colloidal Silver daily, and the signs and symptoms of the cold goes away in a couple days.”

And as D.V., from Pleasant Grove, Utah, wrote to say:

“I started using colloidal silver about 15 years ago. I take some almost every day. And when I feel any cold of flu symptoms coming on I increase the dosage each day to several teaspoons and have not developed any colds or flu in all these years.” 

Caroline P. wrote to say:

"I'm so happy I researched and then bought a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator a couple of years ago so I could make my own colloidal silver! 

Thank you! Thank you!  No more colds or flu...soon as I feel a germ tingle I gargle and swallow and no cold!  

Big Pharma just makes me angry..treat people like guinea pigs...they’re only after their income if no sick people!  I hope people will take the time to research CS and make an informed decision for their families true health!"

And finally, on, a reader wrote in to say: 

“We've been using Colloidal Silver for nine years now as a preventative at the beginning for our whole family (we never got flu shots).  Colloidal Silver always took care of any problem.

At first we have been taking it only when symptoms of a cold or flu came up because until October 2003 we had been paying $30 for one 4oz bottle at health food stores, which was expensive. 

But in Oct 2003 we purchased a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge and began to make the Colloidal Silver at home for a very reasonable price -- for about $1.50/gallon!

So now we are using it much more. Every day as a mouth wash after brushing the teeth, keeping it for a while in the mouth before swallowing it as a preventive treatment.

It has worked every time for all the years to prevent us from getting sick. We have never had any side effect or negative result from using it. We LOVE the Colloidal Silver!”

As you can see, colloidal silver really does work.  In fact, I could fill several more pages with real-life testimonials like the ones above.  But I think you get the idea...

Steve Barwick
Steve Barwick