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Here’s an interesting testimonial from a lady who healed her kidney infection with colloidal silver:  

 I want you to know that I just used colloidal silver for a kidney infection for three days, two ounces, three times a day, and my fever is gone, my back doesn't hurt anymore, and I will continue for a few more days to make sure it's gone. I have a kidney disease that harbors infection in my kidneys continuously, and through the years, I have become resistant to a lot of the heavy antibiotics - THANK HEAVEN!  Colloidal silver really works, people!!!!! 

-- Mary W.C.

And there have been a number of other similar anecdotal accounts, including this one:

 The main thing is...WOW!!!This Colloidal silver is healing me right before my eyes! My sister began using it and her kidney infection cleared right it made the few liver spots on her arm disappear. So...THANK-YOU!!! ”  
-- Chip S., Jonesboro, AR

In the following testimonial, Alton from Mississippi says a spinal injury left him with recurrent kidney infections that be so bad they’d make him feverish.  But colloidal silver resolved the problem.  Here’s what he had to say:  

 I also have a neurogenic bladder from spinal injury. Kidney infections and fever were always a serious problem. Cipro is what was given to me for years, it worked at first but soon begin to be completely ineffective. I've been taking the colloidal silver for years now and rarely have any trouble with kidney infections .”

-- Alton from Mississippi

And here’s an anecdotal account about a pregnant woman who had a bladder infection that ended up turning into a kidney infection.  The doctor’s antibiotic drugs didn’t work, so she tried colloidal silver.  Check it out...

 Hi Steve! I have a cousin that is 8 months pregnant. She got a bladder infection, went to the doctor and the doctor gave her antibiotics. Infection got worse and she ended up with a kidney infection. After 3 weeks of no relief, so I sent her your website along with many other links and finally got her to look into using colloidal silver for herself. 6 days after she started taking the colloidal silver - infection 100% gone. Thank you for being a trailblazer and educating the masses! 

-- Angela A.

And here’s another very brief testimonial about a kidney infection that was eventually resolved with colloidal silver:

 A friend of mine drank 4 oz a day of colloidal silver for 3 months to clean out her kidney. She said it removed an infection .”  
-- Solange, Salinas, CA

Personally, regarding the above testimonial, I think 4 oz. a day of colloidal silver for three months is a bit much.  That’s just my opinion.  And I suppose if that’s what it took to work, then that’s what it took.  But based on the anecdotal accounts I’ve seen, much less colloidal silver has healed other kidney infections, much quicker.  I’d refer readers back to the very first testimonial above, in which the reader took a little more silver per day, but only needed to do so for three days in order to achieve successful results.  

Here’s another kidney-related colloidal silver testimonial I received recently, which I have previously featured in a short article.  But I thought it would bear repeating in this article since it’s so amazing:

 Here is an amazing story of a young lady that was waitressing at a small Chinese restaurant.  She was a little cutie with a great personality to match.

One day I went in to have lunch and she wasn't there.  I found out from the owner that she had quit.  I was saddened by her choice. It was about four years later I saw her waitressing at a local pancake house.  She looked terrible, so I asked her if she was okay.  Her response was disturbing.

She said for the past three years she has been in and out of the hospital with a kidney disorder called kidney reflux, which is when urine from the bladder backs up into the kidney and causes infections.  She said that she was vomiting sick every morning and that she had to spend time in the hospital every month.

At that time I had been making ionic colloidal silver for several years and am a strong believer in its ability to cure almost anything. I asked her if she would be willing try some for her problem.  She agreed and I gave her a quart that I had in my truck.

Four days later I went back to the pancake house and when she saw me she ran up and gave me a big hug, told me that she hadn't vomited once and that she feels better than she has in years.

She continued with the colloidal silver and has since stopped even going to her doctors or the hospital, no more infections. It has now been more than five years and she is still going strong .”

-- Martin S.  

And finally, here’s one more very interesting kidney-related testimonial:

“I've had very large kidney stones over the years that always had to be removed surgically. Some weeks ago, I could feel one that just came out of my kidney. I was expecting the worst but held on while increasing my colloidal silver intake to about 6 ozs. per day and praying daily for a healing.

Today, I passed a huge stone, the largest one I've seen for a long time. Amazing that it even came down. And the best thing, I didn't have to go to the hospital and withstand the pain from a stone surgically being removed. I like to believe that my prayers were answered and that the colloidal silver was God's instrument to rid me of this stone

I am a big user of colloidal silver and am very much aware of what it can do for everyone who makes the decision to use it daily. My investment in the micro-particle colloidal silver generator was well worth it and has helped my wife and I avoid the flu and other kinds of pathogens which are all around us.

My daughter and her family are using it now and have some good results with their boys and animals. This product is needed for the protection of every family so don't hold back from making that important investment in a won't be sorry. The money you save on doctor bills will more than pay for the CS generator. To your good health...”

    -- David L.

Testimonials from the Internet

If you do a Google search, you’ll find plenty of additional eye-opening testimonials on the use of colloidal silver for kidney infections.  For example, on the website, which is one of my favorite natural health websites, I found the following very interesting account of profound healing of two different kidney infections with colloidal silver:

 Colloidal Silver is an amazing natural antibiotic. About 5 years ago my wife suffered from a severe kidney infection. During the middle of the night she woke up with an agonizing pain on both sides of her pack. I rushed her to the hospital and there was a 2 hour wait in the ER room. I was freaked out!

I remembered in my car I kept a first aid emergency kit containing a number of things and Colloidal Silver being one of them. I never used Colloidal Silver before, I read about it years before online, however I didn't know if Colloidal Silver would help her in this situation. None the less, I administered several drops under her tongue every 20 minutes. In about an hour and half her kidney pain reduced by about 80%. After, we were called into the ER room, the doctor ran a lab test on her and confirmed she had a kidney infection and the doctor stated that only antibiotics can cure this.

The doctor recommend series of antibiotic shots over the course of several days.

Because he was good in scaring us into taking the shot, we accepted the first shot and declined all others as we wished to continue with only the colloidal silver. We continued the colloidal silver treatment for the whole week reducing the frequency of the drops as the days went by.

About 2 years later I then developed a kidney infection. What a painful experience it was. Rather then going to the ER I self administered colloidal silver under my tongue every 20 minutes. The pain completely disappeared in about 4-5 hours - gradually and noticeably subsiding as every hour went by. What an amazing product. I highly recommend that everyone keep a bottle of colloidal silver at home and in their vehicle .”

According to the website, “Many people have successfully cured painful kidney and bladder infections overnight by taking 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver three times a day.”

And on the website, an individual wrote, “After I gave birth to my third child I had repeated episodes of kidney infections.  I took antibiotics on three different occasions and also took my cranberry and drank lots of water.  Still, I suffered.  The only natural cure for my kidney infection was Colloidal Silver.  Don’t abandon the water and cranberry; but, it’s the Colloidal Silver that finally takes care of it.  My symptoms disappeared within one day.  I continued the Silver treatment for a couple of weeks.  Nothing has returned so far.”

Colloidal silver researcher Marshall Dudley has stated, “I became interested in this marvelous stuff when I was able to cure a kidney infection in a few days that doctors had been unable to cure for 15 years.”

Wow.  15 years is a long time to suffer from a kidney infection. Thankfully, it was finally resolved quickly with colloidal silver.  

Look folks, the anecdotal accounts above cannot be counted as medical proof that colloidal silver is useful for fighting kidney infections in humans.  But for me, it certainly indicates that it’s worth trying.  And I know should I ever have a kidney infection, colloidal silver will likely be my very first “go to” natural remedy to try.

Experts Weigh in on Colloidal Silver

After all, colloidal silver’s powerful infection-fighting qualities have been demonstrated for over 100 years now.  As Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., a graduate of Harvard University as well as the University of Michigan Medical School, and who now runs the famous Tahoma Clinic in Washington has stated:

" Colloidal silver just might be the next germ-fighting wonder drug. And not just for the serious threats making headlines: It's also effective against bacterial infections like strep throat, viruses like the flu, and fungal infections like Candida.

No matter how much a germ mutates, it can't change enough to escape the damaging effects of colloidal silver. And in the process, the silver doesn't harm human tissue or kill off the good bacteria in the intestine the way antibiotics and other medications do…

…Beginning in the 1970s, several independent researchers found that silver ions easily destroy Candida and other fungi. But it wasn't until a pilot study during the mid- 1990s that included human patients suffering from terminal AIDS that medical researchers established solid evidence showing just how quick and effective silver ions can be in the treatment of Candida as well as HIV.

In this study, nine individuals who were near death were divided into two subgroups. One group suffered from HIV and a terrible Candida infection. The other group suffered from both HIV and an extreme form of malnutrition (known as Wasting Syndrome).

The researchers found that in both groups the colloidal silver was capable of killing pathogens and purging the bloodstream of germ defenses in order to restore the immune system. "

And as Dr. Ron Leavitt, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology, Brigham Young University has stated:

 The data suggests that with the low toxicity associated with colloidal silver, in general, and the broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of this colloidal silver preparation, this preparation may be effectively used as an alternative to antibiotics .”

Dr. Joseph Weissman, M.D. board certified immunologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California Medical School concurs with these doctors and researchers, stating:  

" Today, many antibiotics are losing the battle with germs. Fortunately, the best germ killer, which was discovered over 2,000 years ago, is finally getting the proper attention from medical science -- natural silver. I sincerely recommend that everyone have electrically generated colloidal silver in their home as an antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agent. "

So as you can see, the experts are widely in agreement that colloidal silver is a safe and highly effective necessity to every home, particularly if you’re concerned about this Era of Strange Diseases in which we now live, with mutating bacteria that are growing ever-more resistant to prescription antibiotic drugs.  

Antimicrobial silver, as so many experts have pointed out, is the obvious answer to the growing threat of drug-resistant bacteria.  

Steve Barwick
Steve Barwick


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