October 30, 2017

Colloidal Silver and the Bubonic Plague

So now the deadliest form of bubonic plague – the airborne, aerosol form that’s breathed into the lungs -- has infected a man near Denver, Colorado. And he apparently got it from his dog, which later died.  

What’s more, new reports say three more plague cases have been found in Colorado since then.

Which, of course, brings up the question, "Can colloidal silver kill the bubonic plague pathogen?"  

While the evidence for colloidal silver’s effectiveness against the bubonic plague pathogen is still circumstantial, it’s indeed quite interesting. Here’s what I can tell you, so far…


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October 25, 2017

Colloidal Silver for Macular Degeneration?

Can colloidal silver help heal or stop the progress of eyesight diseases, such as macular degeneration?  

One lady, a registered nurse, is convinced that silver is dramatically helping her 77 year old husband who had been diagnosed two and a half years ago with Age-Related Macular Degeneration.  She says the degeneration of his eyesight has not progressed at all since she started putting two drops of colloidal silver into each of his eyes daily.

We’ll take a quick look at her story.  And we’ll also take a look at a recent clinical study into silver’s effectiveness against retinal angiogenesis, which can lead to Age-Related Macular Degeneration and ultimately to blindness. And we’ll see why many researchers are now calling nanosilver “a trove for retinal therapies”...

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October 09, 2017

Using Colloidal Silver for Kidney Infections

Can colloidal silver be used to help stop kidney infections?  

Truth be told, there are zero clinical studies about using colloidal silver for kidney infections.  But positive anecdotal accounts abound.

Let’s take a quick look at just a few of them, and see what we might learn about using colloidal silver for kidney infections...

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October 04, 2017

Colloidal Silver Stops Sinus Allergies FAST

Most people are surprised to hear that colloidal silver can be used to relieve sinus allergy problems.

For example, last year, when the teenage son of some family friends who were visiting my home began to be troubled with miserable and debilitating allergy symptoms including inflammation and irritation of the sinuses, I gave the young man a pump spray bottle filled with colloidal silver, and showed him how to spray it up his nose.

The entire family was shocked to see how quickly just a few sprays of colloidal silver into the sinuses resolved the irritation and inflammation, and allowed the young man to join back in to the gathering.

Below you’ll learn why colloidal silver works so well for sinus allergies, and you’ll see example after example of people who have benefitted from trying it...

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge...

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September 09, 2017

Singer Kris Kristofferson’s “Alzheimer’s Disease” Ordeal & Colloidal Silver

Beloved country western singer Kris Kristofferson battled for many years with painful symptoms of fibromyalgia as well as the growing forgetfulness of Alzheimer’s disease which left him completely debilitated.  

Then, after years of what his wife referred to as a “slow slipping away,” a natural health doctor noticed an unusual symptom, and had Kristofferson tested (and afterwards treated) for a Lyme disease infection, resulting in a dramatic turnaround in his health and resumption of his singing career at age 80.

Kristofferson’s story is important, because, according to cutting edge researchers, hidden, underlying infections are known to cause symptoms that mimic or even cause a vast cross-section of chronic degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, fibromyalga, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, Lupus and some 350 other diseases.  

As you’ll discover below, these doctors and researchers are now screaming from the rooftops that many diseases of supposed “unknown etiology” (i.e., unknown cause) may well be triggered by hidden, underlying “slow motion” infections that wreak havoc on the body and fool doctors into misdiagnosing the condition.

Here’s the straight scoop you won’t read anywhere else...

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September 09, 2017

Colloidal Silver Beats MRSA – Here’s the Proof!

According to news reports, up to 30% of the people you come into contact with on a daily basis have MRSA living on the surface of their skin.  

What’s more, 50% of supermarket-purchased meats tested had MRSA colonies living on the meat!

That’s how prevalent and widespread MRSA is, and why health authorities worldwide are so worried.  After all, MRSA easily spreads from person to person, as well as from public contact surface (such as door handles, bathroom faucets, countertops, shopping carts, etc) to anyone who touches them.

Thankfully, the evidence for silver’s effectiveness against MRSA continues to grow so strongly that even the news media is being forced to acknowledge it.  Learn more about the astonishing, infection-fighting power of colloidal silver against MRSA, directly below...

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September 09, 2017

Colloidal Silver and the Cryptosporidium Threat

Earlier this year blaring news headlines warned parents to keep their children away from public swimming pools due to a dramatic increase in parasitic infections “tied to swimming pools and water parks.”  

According to the news reports, the CDC reported on 32 separate outbreaks of the parasite Cryptosporidium – known as a “fecal-oral” parasite because it can be spread directly to people in public swimming pools if they swallow water that’s been exposed to other people’s feces.  

Apparently, unlike E. coli which can only survive for a matter of minutes in a chlorine-treated pool, the Cryptosporidium parasite is so hardy – thanks to its hard protective shell in its “cyst” stage -- it can survive up to 10 days in pools.  In other words, even chlorine bleach doesn’t kill Cryptosporidium very easily.  And there are no known effective drug treatments for the parasite once you’re infected.

But if you end up with a Cryptosporidium infection, will colloidal silver help?  Here’s what we’ve found out...


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