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Blue Ridge Silver

Blue Ridge Silver products are made up varying blends of particulate and ionic silver creating pure, all natural colloidal silver supplements consisting only of de-ionized & distilled water and submicroscopic particles and ions of 99.99% pure silver. Blue Ridge Silver products are highly effective in boosting a body's immune system as well as to help restore and rebuild damaged tissues. Learn more >




Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day (Colloidal Silver to the Rescue!)

April 30, 2018

Another great reason to keep colloidal silver handy at all times:  Scientists have discovered that trillions of viruses are airborne, and fall from the sky to the earth each day.  

So many, in fact, that 800 million viruses cascade onto every square meter of the planet, every single day, making viruses the most abundant entities on the planet.

So is colloidal silver effective against viruses?  Yet it is.  And 60 years worth of clinical research demonstrates it.  Here’s what you need to know...

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Colloidal Silver Kills Cancer: Info Resources

April 15, 2018

Over 50 test tube medical studies and dozens of first-hand testimonials from cancer victims indicate that silver has some surprisingly effective anti-cancer properties. 

Yet with all of these studies, and all of these testimonials, medical science has yet seen fit to do human studies on silver and cancer in order to determine its rate of effectiveness ...proper dosage levels...effective delivery methods...or anything of significant value to cancer victims who might want to try natural means of healing their cancers or supporting their overall health during a cancer crisis.

But there’s lots of information on colloidal silver and cancer out there.  And this article details where you can find at least some of it...

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Could Colloidal Silver Have Saved this 8-Year Old Boy from Flesh-Eating Bacteria?

February 19, 2018

According to a Fox News article, 8-year old Liam Flanagan “took a tumble off his bike on the driveway of his family’s farm” in Oregon, and suffered a large gash on his thigh.

He was rushed to the local emergency room, where the doctors put seven stitches in the wound, “slapped on a bandage” and sent him home. 

But within days he was in severe pain.  So his mom took him back to the hospital where it was discovered his wound had become infected with flesh-eating bacteria, resulting in a condition known as necrotizing fasciitis, in which the skin is eaten away by the bacteria.

Even antibiotic drugs and repeated surgical removal of the infected tissue resulting in the removal of much of the flesh on the right side of his body didn’t help.   "They basically cut him up piece by piece," the boy’s step-father told reporters. “They kept cutting and hoping. Cutting and hoping.”

Young Liam died of the infection several days afterwards.

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge...


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Colloidal Silver and the Deadly Super-pathogen CRKP (Klebsiella)

January 27, 2018

Is colloidal silver effective against the latest antibiotic-resistant superpathogen called CRKP, which is proving to be even more deadly than MRSA?  I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you…

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