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Blue Ridge Silver

Thank you for visiting our Blue Ridge Silver website!  Our products are produced slowly in small batches to create 100% natural colloidal silver supplements consisting only of de-ionized, filtered, distilled water and submicroscopic particles and ions of 99.99% pure silver. Blue Ridge Silver products are highly effective in boosting a body's immune system.

We guarantee the best quality and best results.  If you are not completely satisfied, and you let us know, we will gladly refund your money.

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Blue Ridge Silver is in the News !!

Blue Ridge Silver Website Credit Card Payment Processing Update

March 01, 2019

Since Blue Ridge Silver was issued a Warning Letter from the FDA in February 2019, Shopify has temporarily suspended all payments processing services except PayPal until it is verified that the website is FDA compliant.  Please see the FDA Warning Letter post here for more details. If you are unable to checkout using PayPal, please place your order through Amazon Here where the prices are already discounted. Thank you for your Business!

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Blue Ridge Silver Receives FDA Warning Letter

February 21, 2019

On Februrary 5, 2019, Blue Ridge Silver was issued a Warning Letter from the FDA (Copied Below).  The letter warns that the Blue Ridge Silver website contains articles and testimonials in which colloidal silver users make claims that taking colloidal silver has helped them prevent, treat, or cure various diseases.  According to FDA, many of our website articles and product reviews imply that our colloidal silver products are intended to be used to prevent, treat, or cure diseases which is a violation of FDA rules. The text of the warning letter is copied at the botton of this page.  And here is a link to the FDA Warning Letter on the FDA website.  Blue Ridge Silver issued the following response: February...

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