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Blue Ridge Silver


Blue Ridge Silver 10 ppm Colloidal Silver - 16 oz

This 16 ounce bottle of Blue Ridge Silver colloidal silver offers a very convenient and affordable way to provide a 6-week supply of our popular 10 ppm colloidal silver product. This size bottle is perfect for providing regular daily maintenance servings as well as extra amounts when needed.

colloidal silver 10 ppm immune support

Blue Ridge Silver colloidal silver, which we consider to be the best colloidal silver, is carefully crafted slowly in small batches using specialized processes to maximize safety, effectiveness, & bioavailability. 


Consisting of only submicroscopic nanoparticles of 99.99% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade distilled water, our all natural 10 ppm colloidal silver has been developed to provide you with the safest and best possible health benefits.

pure colloidal silver certificate of analysis

Used for thousands of years, silver has long been used to help support immunity & overall health.  Blue Ridge Silver colloidal silver contains no salts, proteins, stabilizers, or other additives for a pure and superior colloidal silver liquid. 

Our 16 oz, 10 ppm colloidal silver is great for daily maintenance and for that extra immune support when you need it.  Each recommended serving of 2 teaspoons of 10 ppm Blue Ridge Silver provides approximately 100 micro-grams of pure silver particles as tiny as 0.8 nanometer.  These particles are so tiny, they aren’t visible under natural lighting but can be clearly seen using laser light (as seen in the photos). 

Colorless colloidal silver is best because the smaller the silver particles are, the clearer the colloidal silver is, and the more quickly it can be absorbed and get to work.

Our daily colloidal silver supplement is packaged in durable, BPA-free, recyclable, blue PETE plastic bottles, which is excellent for helping retain the supplement’s effectiveness. 

Since 2012, at Blue Ridge Silver Inc., it’s been our mission to deliver the highest quality, pure, & natural silver immune support products at the most affordable prices. 

Our colloidal silver 10 ppm is also a perfect colloidal silver for pets.  Whether used for your family or your family pets, you can always expect the best from Blue Ridge Silver.  If you don’t absolutely love our colloidal silver 16oz, let us know and we’ll make things right