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Blue Ridge Silver


25 ppm Colloidal Silver - 2 oz Horizontal Spray

This 2 ounce spray bottle of Blue Ridge Silver offers a very convenient and affordable way to provide a 3-week supply of our popular 25 ppm colloidal silver product. This size bottle is perfect for keeping in the car, purse, or pocket.

Packaged in Blue PET (BPA-free) Plastic Bottles to Retain Purity and Effectiveness.

Each recommended serving of 20 sprays of 25 ppm Blue Ridge Silver provides approximately 75 micro-grams of pure silver.

Our 25 ppm is clear Colloidal Silver Made up of the Tiniest Possible Silver Particles (0.8 Nm) in Deionized, Distilled Water Visible Only with a Laser Beam (See Photo)

Made up of Only 99.99% Pure Silver and Purified, Deionized, Distilled Water - NO Additives or Preservatives.

Unsurpassed Quality and Purity and AMAZINGLY Effective! Produced in Small Batches Enhancing its Effectiveness and Bioavailability

All natural - No additives, stabilizers or preservatives.

RISK-FREE Guarantee!!--Compare the effectiveness of Blue Ridge Silver to any other colloidal silver product, and if you're not completely satisfied, then we will give you a full refund including shipping fees.   

Blue Ridge Silver just may be the Safest and Most Effective silver product on the market! So whether you want an effective and affordable source for your daily supplement or you want to take it only when needed, why not try it risk-free today?