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The Victims Cry


The Victim's Cry: Discovering Hope and Healing through Forgiveness

The cry of a victim's heart is to be heard, understood, and free from their pain.  God listens to the victim's cry.  This book describes the practical steps God established to help hurting people identify and release offenses, judgments, and disappointments in order to bring hope and healing to their hearts.

The Victim's Cry explains in practical ways how to:
- Identify and release insults, injuries,and judgments
- Loosen the ties that bind hurts and disappointments to your heart
- Promote healing for bruised or broken relationships
- Reconcile seemingly "irreconcilable"differences
- Take up the shield of faith to deflect the flaming arrows of insults
- Effectively overcome bitterness
- Be more than you can be as you fulfill your purpose in this life

Whether you are in a challenging relationship right now or you want healing from the pain of past hurts, God wants to help you.  If you are tired of living with bitterness and feeling isolated or rejected and want to discover the steps to take in order to be healed and set free from the bondage and weight of hurts and disappointments, then start by reading The Victim's Cry.  Begin walking the path to joy, freedom, and victory today.